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Our two-church cluster is part of "The North Wingfield Team", a team of five Evangelical Anglican churches just south of Chesterfield in North East Derbyshire, part of the Diocese of Derby. Our aim is to provide places of worship where all can feel at home regardless of age, race or background. We achieve this by providing a wide range of styles of service and activities.

We do not believe that being Church is just about looking after your members, we are Churches based at the heart of our local community, for our local community.

NorthWingfield Team

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Our church in Clay Cross was used as a venue for a MAPs roll out to clergy & MAPs coordinators. It was really great to hear the positive comments on our building and also about some of the mission we are doing.

All participants (more than 40 people) were challenged on how we start the process and continue to live it over the next three years.

Please take a bookmark and pray the prayer as regularly as you can. This is a journey for us all together. The more we all journey together, the more joy will be brought to our neighbours, town, county, world… Try reading Acts 8: 1b–8. I can’t promise an easy road on our journey, but Jesus does bring Joy to the streets where he is proclaimed through us.

Remember– keep praying!
St Bartholomews

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